Chapter Update

The Mason Dixon Conference is continuing to update the contact list for our chapters. When the list is complete, it will be placed in a secure file on the website for access by all chapters. It will also be made available in an excel spreadsheet format. This spreadsheet can then be imported into access or word to customize it for your particular chapter needs.

In order to accomplish this task, we ask that you provide the information listed below. The e-mail addresses provided will be how you and your chapters receive the International Minutes since the MDC chapters have voted to receive the extra $1000 a year for recruiting and retention rather than receiving the minutes in the mail.

The MDC will also be using the information to send out our Newsletters and Minutes. This will allow us to keep our operating cost to a minimum. By keeping our operating cost down, we will be able to fund the MDC Scholarships and Safety Classes.

When sending the e-mail, please title the subject line as: Chapter Info Update – [Your State & Chapter #]
Send an email using this link to update your chapter information

Please Send Information to MDC Vice Chairman, Fred Allen

Info Requested:

Chapter Name and Number:
Chapter Mailing Address:
Chapter Website:

Name and Position (Please provide for all – Pres, VP, Sec and Tres (or Sec/Tres)
Main Contact Number:
Alt Contact Number:
Email Address: